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Concussion Management

Our Collaborative Care Centre provides concussion diagnoses and therapy for individuals who have experienced head trauma.

Concussions have become the focus for both professional and amateur athletes around the world. Our Collaborative Care Centre is at the forefront of concussion diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation. We utilize a comprehensive, multi-modal approach to concussions, based on current advances in concussion research.

What is a concussion?
A concussion can be simply defined as a disruption in neurological functioning following a significant impact to the head or elsewhere on the body. This causes a biochemical imbalance within brain cells as well as decreased blood flow and temporary energy deficits within the brain.

Following a suspected concussion, a player should be immediately removed from play, assessed and placed on complete rest in order to recover from the energy deficit. Studies have shown that any activity, both mental and physical, in the immediate days following a concussion can delay the process of recovery and should be avoided until the athlete is completely symptom-free.

What is baseline testing?
The biggest concern surrounding concussions comes from the energy deficit that occurs in the brain following injury. When the brain is in this low energy state, it has been well established that the brain is extremely vulnerable to additional trauma, where even smaller impacts can lead to another concussion; and these second concussions can cause severe brain injuries with potentially permanent or fatal outcomes.

The problem is that symptoms (meaning how someone feels) do not coincide with brain recovery. The only way to know when the brain has fully recovered and out of this “vulnerable period” is to compare current brain function to when the individual was healthy; this is what is known as a “baseline test”.

A baseline test is a battery of tests that measure every area of brain function that could potentially become affected following a concussion (you need more than computer tests!!). The reason that the test is termed a “baseline” is that it is done BEFORE the athlete gets injured. In order to know when an athlete has fully recovered, we first have to know where they were when they were healthy. Without having this information, there is no way to truly know when an athlete has fully recovered and is safe to return to their sport.

Our Carleton Place concussion management services include:

  • Comprehensive baseline testing
  • Post-injury diagnosis and injury management
  • Rehabilitation for post-concussion syndrome

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If you have experienced a significant impact to your head or body, you could have a concussion. Contact us at 613-253-2112 to book an appointment with our Carleton Place concussion management practitioner, Dr. Sam Cooper. Please note that while Dr. Cooper is also a chiropractor, no chiropractic adjustments will be given during the concussion recovery period.

Do you have extended health benefits?
Many insurance providers offer financial coverage for this and other services offered at our Collaborative Care Centre. Please check with your provider for details. Certain medical expenses are also eligible to claim on your personal income tax. Refer to Canada Revenue Agency for details.