Our gym is temporarily closed due to the provincial COVID lockdown.

Our Collaborative Care Centre is not affected by the lockdown and remains open. Please review our protocols before your visit.

Fit Club for Girls

Fit Club for Girls is a Carleton Place after-school program for girls ages 9-12 hosted by Heritage Community Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre.

Girls today live in a society filled with the unrelenting pressures of social media and reality television; outlets that continually reinforce the idea that they are not enough. We want girls to grow into strong, confident, human beings that possess the tools needed to build healthy self-esteem. Creating an atmosphere where girls can connect, express themselves, and celebrate what makes them unique is why we created Fit Club for Girls. We want girls to know that they can define their own ideas of beauty and success and we want girls to feel comfortable with themselves and confident in their abilities.

This dynamic and interactive program combines conversations about lifestyle topics such as general health, nutrition, and body image along with games and active play.

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Download the program brochure.