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Meet Our Yoga Teachers

Our To The Mat Yoga classes are led by highly-trained and respected yoga teachers. To The Mat Yoga members benefit from our teacher’s inclusive approach to yoga practice. Our Carleton Place yoga classes are designed to meet the needs of experienced yoga students as well as those taking the first steps towards developing their own practice.

Jenny started practicing yoga 16 years ago and has been teaching the practice for ten years. She completed her initial 200hr YTT in Nova Scotia and has training in the Kripalu tradition. She later received her 100hr yin yoga certification and has over 100hrs in pregnancy and postnatal yoga training/certification. In her classes students can expect mindful and juicy movement as a remedy for tension held in the body. She believes strongly in the balance of ease and stability; relaxation and strength. Jenny is a mom of two kiddos, a military spouse, and spends her spare time biking, gardening, and eating nachos. Why people love Jenny: Jenny creates a feeling of coming home during her classes. Students experience lots of deep breathing, sighing as a powerful form of release, and a sense of ease and simplicity. Specialities: Hatha (Kripalu influenced), pregnancy yoga, and postnatal yoga.

Jess is a canfitpro certified group fitness instructor and YTT200-certified yoga instructor with specialized training in yin yoga. She is a free spirit; no two classes are the same as she uses the energies of her students and the cycles of the sun and moon to create her classes. Her desire to help people lead healthy lives informs her teaching style. With a degree in Social Work, Jess knows there are many ways to help people. Through yoga and fitness training, she champions a healthy lifestyle, physical movement, and mindfulness as key elements in helping people thrive. Why people love Jess: Health is all about the process for Jess; that’s a philosophy she brings to her own life and her classes. It’s never about perfection but rather consistency, patience, and kindness (to others and oneself). SpecialtiesYang-Yin and Flow

Johanne has practiced yoga for about 10 years. Her discovery that there is immense strength to be found in the stillness of yoga inspired her to become a yoga teacher. Being a nurse for over 28 years, it is her nature to want to empower others in managing their health. Experiencing the meditative and calming effects of a consistent yoga practice has been the best tool Johanne has found for managing the unpredictability of life. Why people love Johanne: Johanne’s students are encouraged to discover how the breath can support them in both challenging and peaceful poses. Students leave her classes feeling refreshed having channeled the energies of anxiety and adrenaline into a more productive, calm power.

Julia is a 200H YTT-certified teacher. She earned her certification in Hội An, Vietnam where she trained with instructors from Rishikesh, India. Get ready to sweat in her classes; Julia’s style combines strength and flexibility to generate heat in the body. She encourages her yogis to practice postures they find difficult. Through this, they build confidence and find comfort in poses they once found challenging. Why people love Julia: She removes any pressure her students may feel; her philosophy about yoga is that it is a practice and never meant to be perfection. Specialties: Hatha, Ashtanga, and Aerial.

As an RYT-200 certified yoga instructor with a kinesiology and physical therapy background, Lisa appreciates the strength and power of the human body and works with her students to cultivate that same appreciation. While it was the physical practice that brought Lisa to her mat in the first place, it was the mental and spiritual practice that led her to stay. Wanting to give others those same benefits that yoga gave her, she decided to pursue yoga teacher training. Why people love Lisa: Lisa designs her classes to flow smoothly and effortlessly with the breath and the body, so that her students can flow smoothly through life, balancing effort with ease. Specialties: Flow & Hatha

Perry began practicing yoga in 2004 to de-stress. After ten years of personal practice, obtaining yoga teacher Perrytraining certification came as a natural progression. Perry has experience with hatha yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, yin yoga, gentle yoga, power yoga, partner yoga, Yoga Tune Up®, and several hot yoga styles. Improved mobility, flexibility, and strength are hallmarks of his classes. He believes yoga helps people lead better lives through increased self-awareness. Why people love Perry: He knows what it’s like to struggle with a pose. He also knows what it is like to struggle with health and chronic illness and can empathize with people who have their own physical challenges. His patience and kindness inform his classes, creating an environment of self-acceptance. Specialties: Beginner Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Hatha Yoga.

Robyn is an RYT 200-certified and 30-hour YIN certified yoga instructor. Robyn loves the balance of strength and flexibility yoga brings to her life. RobynRobyn’s classes are influenced by her experience as a fitness instructor, an often focus on building strength as well as length in the body. She includes flow (yang) and deep stretching (yin) to ensure each class is balanced. Why people love Robyn: Robyn always strives to leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of her classes. You will work hard, but also feel empowered and rejuvenated when you leave her classes. Specialties: yoga for core strength and flow.

Tess came to be a yoga teacher through her personal practice at Heritage Community Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre. She sees it Tessas a privilege to instruct and guide others on their journeys towards acceptance, balance, recovery, and strength. Tess believes that everyone is in a constant state of personal evolution and that yoga teaches us to exist gracefully within that perpetual state of flux. Through her yoga classes, Tess works to create space for curiosity, exploration, and discovery.  Why people love Tess: She actively seeks to empower those around her to grow and blossom into the better, brighter versions of themselves that they envision. Specialties: Flow, balance-building, strength-building, pranayama (breath work), and guided meditation.

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