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Meet Our Yoga Teachers

Our To The Mat Yoga classes are led by highly-trained and respected yoga teachers. To The Mat Yoga members benefit from our teacher’s inclusive approach to yoga practice. Our Carleton Place yoga classes are designed to meet the needs of experienced yoga students as well as those taking the first steps towards developing their own practice.

Amber first stepped onto a yoga mat in 1997 and practices yoga as a method of self-care. She has a strong Amber Youngunderstanding of anatomy through her work as a registered massage therapist. She is a certified personal trainer with education in nutrition and mindfulness-based stress management. Her specialty is women’s health and the mind-body connection. Amber has specialized training to provide yoga and mindfulness-based meditation to children and teenagers. Why people love Amber: She believes everyone should have space to safely discover themselves in mind & body and have a whole lot of fun along the way. Specialties: therapeutic yoga, kundalini, and yin.


Cara is an RYT 200-certified yoga instructor. She came to yoga in 2003 through the desire to take time for 100000011_largeherself and nurture her body and spirit. The deep connection between the flow of breath and prana (energy) keep her inspired to teach and deepen her own practice. Flowing with grace and fluidity on the yoga mat helps bring that same sense of ease and calm to day-to-day life. Cara guides individuals on their yoga journeys as they seek the benefits that yoga offers – from improved health and fitness, to relief from the stress of our busy lives. Why people love Cara: She includes modification options in all her classes so that everyone feels included and empowered by their yoga practice. Specialties: yoga foundations, strength-building, and, arm balances.


ErinErin McCaw
Erin has training and experience in a variety of yoga styles. Her deep appreciation for and training in Hatha, Yin, and Restorative yoga inform the classes she teaches. Erin came to yoga through martial arts. She augmented her martial arts training with Kundalini yoga and experienced the same mind-body-spirit connection within both practices. Why people love Erin: She knows first-hand the positive impact yoga has on chronic health conditions. Her students trust in her ability to break through physical and emotional barriers to create a more mindful life through yoga. Specialties: hatha, yin, and restorative.


Perry began practicing yoga in 2004 to de-stress. After ten years of personal practice, obtaining yoga teacher Perrytraining certification came as a natural progression. Perry has experience with vinyasa flow yoga, yin yoga, gentle yoga, power yoga, partner yoga, Yoga Tune Up®, and several hot yoga styles. Improved mobility, flexibility, and strength are hallmarks of his classes. He believes yoga helps people lead better lives through increased self-awareness. Why people love Perry: He knows what it’s like to struggle with a pose. His patience and kindness infuse his classes, creating an environment of self-acceptance. Specialties: yoga for beginners, gentle, and restorative.


Robyn is an RYT 200-certified yoga instructor. Robyn loves the strength and flexibility yoga brings to her life. Yoga is an important element of inner peace and positivity and she wants other individuals to experience those states in their daily lives. Robyn’s classes are influenced by her experience as a fitness instructor. She includes flow (yang) and deep stretching (yin) to ensure each class is balanced. Why people love Robyn: Music is an important element in Robyn’s practice. Her playlists add to the blissful environment she creates during practice. Specialties: yoga for core strength and flow.

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Our yoga teachers are also available for private lessons. Please contact us for details.