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Our Instructors

Our group fitness, spin, and yoga classes in Carleton Place are led by highly trained and experienced Instructors. Our members benefit from our team’s inclusive approach to fitness and health. Our classes are designed to meet the needs of fitness newcomers as well as seasoned fitness enthusiasts; our instructors are always ready to provide modifications to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercises in their classes. We believe that fitness should be fun so be prepared to laugh while you move!

Meet Our Team of Instructors

Adriana Fitness Instructor Carleton PlaceAdriana
Group Classes
Adriana is a canfitpro certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer. Her energetic training style inspires students to put forward their best efforts. While she will tell you that you are going to “love it” every time she leads a class, she is also preparing you for the hard work that is about to come. She truly loves seeing everyone get excited about fitness and feels rewarded when they achieve the results they want, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, cardio endurance, breaking through a plateau, or feeling good in their body. Why people love Adriana: She’s not afraid to nudge students a little closer to their edge.

Anne Fitness Instructor Carleton PlaceAnne
Group Classes
Anne began her fitness instructing career in 2003 after receiving certification through the YMCA/YWCA. A no-nonsense group class instructor, Anne works with class participants to help them improve their lives through fitness. Her energy and enthusiasm keep classes lively. Why people love Anne: She’s known for her one-on-one encouragement. You may struggle with the pace of some of her classes but she’s always by your side and full of support.

Briar Fitness Carleton PlaceBriar
Group Classes

Briar has an honours bachelor degree in physical and health education. She is a life-long athlete with interests in soccer, badminton, track and field, volleyball, weightlifting, and other sports. She holds many important roles at Heritage Fitness, including Member Care Specialist, group class instructor, and personal trainer. Briar’s education and experience make her a great resource for established fitness enthusiasts and newcomers to the gym. She believes that developing a strong understanding of the fundamentals of movement reduces the risk of injury in day-to-day life and helps people become stronger. Why people love Briar: Her warm personality and enthusiasm for training help remove the barriers that may prevent people from trying something new or taking the next step up in their training routine. She believes that exercise honours a person’s unique abilities and supports both physical and mental health.

Carleton Place Spin Class with CarrieCarrie
Carrie is a Mad Dogg-certified spin instructor. She started leading indoor cycling/spin classes to bring her passion for spinning to her community. Carrie’s upbeat playlists and encouraging words keep the class invigorated throughout the hills, valleys, and sprints of indoor cycling. Why people love CarrieCarrie’s enthusiasm for spin shines through in every class she leads. She encourages people to challenge their own limits in fitness and in life.

Spin in Carleton Place with ChrisChris
Chris is a Stages Cycle-certified spin instructor. He has always been enthusiastic about both fitness and music. He discovered that teaching indoor cycling/spin is the perfect way to blend those two interests. Chris entered the world of spin as a group class participant. He enjoyed it so much he started leading classes in 2017. Why people love Chris: Chris designs his classes with music in mind and uses that creativity to power his class through a challenging yet fun cycling experience!

Diane Spin Carleton PlaceDiane
Diane is a Mad Dogg-certified spin instructor who has been leading spin classes at Heritage Fitness since 2014. Diane was inspired to make fitness part of her life after being awed by Linda Hamilton’s arms in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. She loves the results she earns from her daily workouts and the mental health benefits exercise offers. Why people love Diane: Her exuberant spin classes are packed with challenges, quick changes, upbeat music, and lots of laughter.

Heather Spin Class Carleton PlaceHeather
Heather is a Mad Dogg-certified spin instructor. She started leading indoor spin classes to challenge her own fitness level and motivate other people to make fitness part of their daily lives. People feel invigorated (and a little exhausted) after her classes. Heather’s upbeat playlists and encouraging words keep the class peddling to the max. Why people love Heather: Her love for her students shines through in every class she leads. She encourages people to challenge their own limits in fitness and in life.

Isabel Zumba Carleton PlaceIsabel
Group Classes

Isabel has several fitness certifications to her name, including canfitpro, Zumba, and Zumba Gold (for seniors). She believes that fitness is about feeling good through physical movement and having more energy to enjoy life. She loves to watch as her students progress through the moves and choreographed routines to discover they too love Zumba. Why people love Isabel: Her enthusiasm for movement and dance inspires everyone to get into the groove, even those of us with two left feet.

Jenny Yoga Carleton PlaceJenny
Jenny started practicing yoga 16 years ago and has been teaching the practice for ten years. She completed her initial 200hr YTT in Nova Scotia and has training in the Kripalu tradition. She later received her 100hr yin yoga certification and has over 100hrs in pregnancy and postnatal yoga training/certification. In her classes, students can expect mindful and juicy movement as a remedy for tension held in the body. She believes strongly in the balance of ease and stability; relaxation and strength. Jenny is a mom of two kiddos, a military spouse, and spends her spare time biking, gardening, and eating nachos. Why people love Jenny: Jenny creates a feeling of coming home during her classes. Students experience lots of deep breathing, sighing as a powerful form of release, and a sense of ease and simplicity. Specialties: hatha (kripalu influenced), pregnancy yoga, and postnatal yoga.

Carleton Place Yoga with JessieJessie
Jessie is a graduate of Brock University’s Kinesiology program and became a certified yoga instructor in 2020. For her, day-to-day life is infused with physical activity; she is an avid hiker, runner, and tennis player. Why people love Jessie: Jessie believes that taking time for oneself is a necessity and encourages the people around her to embrace physical activity to stay healthy in mind and body.

Julia Yoga Carleton PlaceJulia
Julia is a 200H YTT-certified teacher. She earned her certification in Hội An, Vietnam where she trained with instructors from Rishikesh, India. Get ready to sweat in her classes; Julia’s style combines strength and flexibility to generate heat in the body. She encourages her yogis to practice postures they find difficult. Through this, they build confidence and find comfort in poses they once found challenging. Why people love Julia: She removes any pressure her students may feel; her philosophy about yoga is that it is a practice and never meant to be perfection. Specialties: hatha, ashtanga, and aerial.

Group Fitness Classes Carleton PlaceKerry
Group Classes
Kerry is a health coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and yoga teacher. Her approach to health is wholistic; encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual elements. Her education and experience have given Kerry the opportunity to work with young athletes, seniors, and law enforcement in addition to personal training with clients one-on-one and leading group fitness classes. Her enthusiasm for health and fitness has taken her to Bali where she earned her vinyasa yoga certification and to Mexico where she led group fitness classes and worked as a personal trainer for five years. Why people love Kerry: Kerry has first-hand experience with the benefits of movement on physical and mental health. She is an advocate for healthy living as a way for people to make positive changes in their life and improve well-being.

Lillian Carleton Place YogaLillian

Lillian completed her yoga teacher training in 2014 and since earned additional certifications in mindfulness-based stress reduction and yoga therapy. Lillian’s teaching goals are aimed at creating classes and sequences that are fun and challenging for the mind as well as the body. She guides her classes in a way that each student has the freedom to move in a manner that feels good for them and to take variations and poses that speak to what they need at that moment. Why people love Lillian: She believes balance, in every respect, is at the core of any practice and incorporate this into all her classes.

Lisa Fitness Carleton PlaceLisa H.
Group Classes
Lisa is a canfitpro certified fitness instructor. With a focus on cardio-based group fitness classes, she brings infectious energy and good humour to the classes she teaches. Don’t be fooled by Lisa’s easy-going personality; you’re going to work hard in her classes. Why people love Lisa: She makes you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to.

Lisa Carleton Place YogaLisa R.

Lisa started her yoga journey 20 years ago and has evolved her personal practice into a career sharing the benefits of yoga with others. After a life-changing trip to Costa Rica, she began studying under the tutelage of Sylvie Gouin and completed her YTT200 in 2017. Her foremost goal is to share her passion for yoga in a way that is accessible to all. Why people love Lisa: Lisa’s classes offer a welcoming space to soften, become present, and to open to new possibilities. Her teaching style is gentle and introspective. Her classes embrace the interconnectedness of body, mind, and breath.

Carleton Place Fitness Classes with MeganMegan Crowe
Group Classes
Megan holds her advanced diploma in television and new media production. She found her love for health and fitness while in college and used exercise to develop healthy habits and relieve stress. She later earned her canfitpro and CPR/First Aid certifications. She uses her experience and training to encourage other’s to make fitness part of their daily lives. Why people love Megan: Her fantastic sense of humour makes classes a blast and gets her and her fitness students through the toughest workouts.

Perry Yoga Carleton PlacePerry
Perry began practising yoga in 2004. After ten years of personal practice, obtaining yoga teacher training certification came as a natural progression. Perry has experience with hatha yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, yin yoga, gentle yoga, power yoga, partner yoga, Yoga Tune Up®, and several hot yoga styles. Improved mobility, flexibility, and strength are hallmarks of his classes. Why people love Perry: He knows what it’s like to struggle with a pose. He also knows what it is like to struggle with health and chronic illness and can empathize with people who have their own physical challenges. His patience and kindness inform his classes, creating an environment of self-acceptance. Specialties: beginner, gentle, and hatha.

Yoga in Carleton Place with RickRick
Rick understands the importance of balance and strength for healthy ageing and athletic performance. He believes that good nutrition, good sleep, along with balance, stability and strength are essential for living a long and healthy life. Rick completed his 200-hour YTT in Carleton Place in 2018. He is a competitive curler and a trained chef. In his classes, you can expect lots of foot mobility work along with balance poses. Balance begins in the feet! Why people love Rick: Rick’s classes are a good reminder that we need to take good care of our feet – they are deeply important to a healthy yoga practice and life in general.

Robyn Yoga Carleton PlaceRobyn
Robyn is an RYT 200-certified and 30-hour YIN certified yoga instructor. Robyn loves the balance of strength and flexibility yoga brings to her life. Robyn’s classes are influenced by her experience as a fitness instructor, an often focus on building strength as well as length in the body. She includes flow (yang) and deep stretching (yin) to ensure each class is balanced. Why people love Robyn: Robyn always strives to leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of her classes. You will work hard, but also feel empowered and rejuvenated when you leave her classes. Specialties: yoga for core strength and flow.

Carleton Place Group Fitness Classes with SarahSarah
Group Classes
Sarah is a CSEP-certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga instructor, CrossFit Level 1-certified trainer, and NCCP weightlifting coach (in training). She is passionate about sharing her love for fitness and believes it is a foundation to a high quality of life. To her, fitness classes are not just a great way to sweat, but a great way to push limits, build capacity, and build community. Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, Sarah will ensure you leave her class feeling accomplished and ready to take on the next challenge. Why people love Sarah: Her enthusiasm for life and fitness is contagious and will make you want to come back for more!

Steve Personal Trainer Carleton PlaceSteve S.
Group Classes
Steve’s philosophy is simply that fitness is the easiest way to make you feel happy and healthy. In his past work as a high school principal, Steve initiated strength and conditioning programs at three area high schools to encourage students to take an active role in their health. In addition to his work in education, Steve is a Personal Training Specialist (PTS). Why people love Steve: Steve is well prepared, passionate, easy-going, and informative. His approach to fitness training puts people at ease as they move forward in their fitness journey.

Steve Spin Carleton PlaceSteve W.
Steve is pure energy. As a Mad Dogg-certified instructor, Steve leads his spin classes with fervor. Many in the Carleton Place area know Steve as a family physician and emergency room physician at Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital. Why people love Steve: He teaches indoor cycling out of pure love of fitness. His passion for fitness is the result of his own health journey. Steve knows what it is like to set health goals and put in the hard work to achieve them.

Carleton Place Yoga Instructor SusanSusan
Susan has taught a variety of group fitness classes throughout her thirty-year career in the health and fitness industry. She brings her extensive experience as an instructor to the Heritage Fitness yoga program. Susan completed her yoga teacher training in 2018 and is currently working on advanced yoga teacher training. She is also a Registered Yoga Detour ™️ Instructor. Her yoga classes blend modern movement science with yoga and include thoughtful and accessible movements, strengthening, ranges of motion, balance, flow, and music. Why people love Susan: The first thing she will tell you is that you are the wisdom keeper of your own body. Her classes are designed to inspire you to be curious, explore, and challenge yourself. She leads with authenticity and humour.

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