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Specialty Fitness Programs

We offer specialty fitness programs to complement our regular group fitness schedule.

Specialty programs are created to offer members the option to take their training up a notch. These programs are intense. Led by skilled instructors, class size is limited to allow for individual attention and a collaborative, supportive community of members.

Learn more about our specialty fitness programs through the links below:


Boost is a 4-week co-ed health and fitness program led by personal trainer Mike Dier. This program is designed specifically for individuals ages 13 to 15 years who have gym and/or athletic experience. Learn more.

Fit Club for Girls
Fit Club for Girls is a Carleton Place after-school program for girls ages 9-12 hosted by Heritage Community Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre. This dynamic and interactive program combines conversations about lifestyle topics such as general health, nutrition, and body image along with games and active play. Learn more.

Peak: An After-School Program for Guys
Peak is a health and fitness program for guys in grades 9 and 10. Designed for individuals who don’t gravitate to team sports and perhaps dread gym class, the goal of Peak is to help build confidence, encourage exercise, weight train safely, and most of all have fun! Learn more.

Sport Fundamentals
Fitquest’s Sport Fundamentals is a six-week small-group program for focused young athletes ages 9 to 11. Learn more.

Specialty Yoga Programs
We offer programs to introduce youth to the foundations of  yoga. Learn more.


FitLab Training Program
Personal trainer Mike Dier and physiotherapist Nick Mosco have teamed up to offer FitLab, a customized personal training program for individuals wanting to improve cardio health, enhance muscle tone, and/or lose weight. Learn more.

Boot Camp
Our Boot Camp program has a reputation for being a challenging workout. And for good reason. This full-body workout is designed to keep your muscles guessing and improve your fitness level. Learn more.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
HIIT has been in the news a lot lately. This intense workout has created a buzz for its ability to change everything you think you know about your fitness limits. This full-body workout is designed to improve both your strength and endurance. Learn more.

Specialty Yoga Programs
We offer programs to introduce newcomers to yoga and allow seasoned yogis to experience something new and evolve their practice. Learn more.

Sports Performance Training
Are you looking to improve your agility, power, and strength? Heritage Community Fitness & Rehabilitation has partnered with industry-leader Fitquest to provide Carleton Place sports performance training for individuals and sports teams. Learn more.

If you have questions about any of our specialty fitness programs, please contact us at 613-253-2112 or info@heritagefitness.ca.