Nutritional Services

Nutritional counsellors serve to educate, guide, and support the health of clients of all ages. They work in private practice, health care settings such as hospitals, schools, and other locations where the guidance of a nutrition professional helps support positive health outcomes.

Nutritionists support clients looking to improve a variety of health concerns. Clients commonly seek the expertise of holistic nutritionists to:

  • alleviate digestive issues
  • balance hormones
  • manage chronic fatigue
  • ease menopause symptoms
  • lose weight or gain weight
  • build muscle mass
  • reverse insulin resistance
  • treat chronic pain
  • manage Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
  • improve sleep quality
  • address mood disorders
  • support healthy aging

Nutritionists work one-on-one with clients to customize an approach to nutrition that takes into account health history, lifestyle, short- and long-term goals, and other factors.

Meet our Nutritional Counsellor

Registered Holistic Nutrition in Carleton PlaceAbout Christa Fletcher Christa Fletcher is a registered holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) and has a degree in psychology & linguistics from Carleton University. Her journey into nutrition therapy started with an accident. Years ago, she was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that turned her life upside down. As someone who suffered from anxiety, she was first introduced to yoga to support her with this and then found her way into nutrition. She has experienced first-hand how the right foods improved her overall health and made a positive impact on her life. She wants to help others realize those same benefits. Her specialty is helping others optimize their gut health and reduce anxiety through non-restrictive meal planning. Christa provides a calm, caring, and transformative experience that is versatile and individualized to her client’s unique health journey. Christa believes food should always be enjoyed and never restricted. Her main goal is to help make informed nutrition choices more accessible to her clients and create a sustainable plan that brings healthful living within reach.

Appointments can be made with Christa in person at Heritage Fitness, by phone, or online through our app.

Do you have extended health benefits? Many insurance providers offer financial coverage for this and other services offered at our Collaborative Care Centre. Please check with your provider for details. Certain medical expenses are also eligible to claim on your personal income tax. Refer to Canada Revenue Agency for details.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims
Please note that while we do work with clients who have been injured at work, we do not complete or submit the paperwork that accompanies WSIB claims nor do we direct bill insurance companies. We do offer medical reporting for a fee. Please contact us for more information.